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Madumere reaches out to indigent patients at FMC Owerri


The guests of the pediatric ward of Federal Medical Center, Owerri recently , could not help shading tears of joy for the stranded patients when Prince Eze Madumere, the Deputy Governor of Imo State came calling.

Prince Madumere had visited the hospital last Sunday at about the time most churches would have closed for the climax of the weekly worship rituals to God. According his aide, Emma Abu, Madumere had visited to see his daughter who unfortunately suffered hot water burn occasioned by domestic accident.

According to Mr. Abu, as Prince Madumere was attracted by a lovely baby whose name was given as Derek Peters. According to Mr. Abu, his words; As Oga came and I rushed to lead him to the ward where my daughter is, he saw a baby whose lively disposition attracted Oga. He reached for the baby, extend a hand for handshake and to the surprise of on-lookers, the baby also extended not just one hand but both hands and legs with such an infectious laughter. There and then, Deputy Governor; what was the problem with the boy and his mother’s response was a pathetic story of lack of money to settle a bill of about N100, 000, thereby keeping them in the hospital in perpetuity.”

Prince Madumere was said to have had pity on the little boy and the mother, he took time to move round to also ask others. He was also told pathetic stories and there and then he requested to know the bills of the affected parents of the kid-patients. On knowing to the parents of the patients, behold it was the Deputy Governor of Imo State who had come visiting. At point of helplessness, God sent the Prince’s helpfulness to bring succor and smiles back to the faces of the parents of those priceless jewels.

For Mrs. Chinonso Peter from Ihitte-Mbise, the mother of the boy with the bundle of luck, who attracted Deputy Governor shouted to the high heavens; only to break in tears holding the Deputy Governor by the legsand never wanted to let go with tears of joy soaking on his immaculate white trouser, when she realised she was finally leaving with her son, Derek who had been on a hospital bed in good health. She blessed the day Prince Madumere was born and promised to kneel to God to bless and grant him whatever he desires in life. Little Peter was diagnosed on Laparotomy for intussusception.

It was the same kind fate for Mrs. Francis Victoria from Umuede-Umuanu, Amaigbo, Nwangele local government of Imo State. His son Uche Francis was admitted April 25, 2017 for Emergency Sigmoid and for De-functioning Colostomy. Mrs. Francis’ joy knows no bound as she chose to kneel raising her hands towards heavens where her helped had come from through Prince Madumere.

Another beneficiary of Madumere’s kind gesture was Chononyerem Rejoice from whose parents had lost hope following the huge debt of hospital bills, which had made them natural resident of the hospital, living each day with compounded sense of hopelessness. Little did they know that a day the King would visit was sooner than they had expected. Little Chinonyerem is of Imuokwu Ibeku-Okwuato in Aboh Mbaise. He was admitted in the hospital since April 27, 2017 where he had gone for the diagnosis and treatment of Volvulus Toxemia.

Her mother rolled on the ground and refused to be consoled of her uncontrollable happiness with tears flowing endlessly like an everlasting fountain. For her, what happened was nothing short of a miracle that took place at the biblical beautiful gate. It was a sweet-wailing, which emotionally triggered the nurses and visitors to shade tears of joy for the beneficiaries this unplanned charity visit.

Except Mr. Emma Abu who naturally was the Chief reason of Madumere’s visit, Mrs. Eunice Chibiko whose baby is also in admission but regrettably has no money for feeding for her baby, Eliezer Chibiko was had hope that even in the midst of challenges. Prince Madumere also gave her the sum of N30, 000 for the feeding, promising to reach out to them after the treatment. One thing was sure when Mrs. Chibiko was reached; she simply said in an unsteady shaky voice, ‘I have suffered. I have no money. I have no helper. All I want is my baby to live. I believe God and He answered me. Tell that Deputy Governor that my good God will bless him.

High point of the drama in the ward was Prince Madumere’s insistencethat the said patients were discharged immediately as he personally supervised the signing of necessary documents for their release, which took effect before he left.

The man at the center of this whole thing in a phone conversation described what happened as the command God has given to His children. He said bible said there must be poor among us but we must do our best to help out because that is the reason we have been blessed. I believe in giving. I believe reaching out to those who need the help. In all I only did what I am supposed to do.

It will be recalled that Prince Madumere as various times had intervened to give succor to poor patients as he was reported to have done in Federal Medical center, Umuahia, Owerri and other places respectively.